Ultra Health Dispensary Westside

5115 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, USA

About Ultra Health Dispensary Westside

4.2 / 5

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Alfred Lawson
March 08, 2021

First time there, I wasn’t given instruction on anything, I had to ask about everything. The kid looked barely legal and after given a total I asked if there was a free gram or something for first time patients and he said yes I used it for the lollipop. I said can I use it for the pre-roll and I never got a corrected total. He did not use it for the lollipop because then I would have been charged for it. This place is pretty sketchy and probably should be investigated. I opened the pre-roll when I got home and this has to be the worst quality, looks like they used trim with some weed. That is not 18% and someone should pay you a visit and test it because I barely felt anything from smoking that! And you charge the most, $10! The pipes all have some sort of flaws/imperfections. No loyalty rewards and if there is he definitely didn’t say anything about it. I’d recommend Minerva and then High Desert. This place could use better customer service and honesty and loyalty to the customers because I will NEVER go back! No wonder it’s so slow over there.

Maximillian Ulibarri
December 29, 2020

Customer Service 100% Great Strains to choose from. My first time there was fun. I haven’t stopped coming and I live near coors and i40. You go where you feel comfortable. They know your name and they are super kind to you. San Pedro location is my go-to dispensary regardless of the distance.

Ceon Hooper
October 27, 2020

Disappointed! Made a special trip since they texted me what great deals they have. I left empty handed though. They only accept cash or debit. Ive paid with my credit card in every other dispensary I have visited. Not here. Pretty much ruined my evening. A heads up would have been nice when I called to check if you were open.

Leo McCandless
September 04, 2020

The staff are very friendly and the bud quality has drastically improved and the prices are a lot more reasonable. At first the bud seemed really dry and overpriced and I only bought wax here, but I can tell they've made changes for the better. The glassware is relatively inexpensive but they keep a lot of fun stuff

Ashley Gallegos
September 27, 2020

I quit working at this locations after 4 years. The management including the district manager and her assistant Jeff are people who get joy putting others down within the company. They love to push you out of the company if they get tired of issues occurring, that can easily be fixed, that you personally have no control over. James and I had always sent out product list that the patients requested on a weekly basis or we would lose their business. I was told by Jeff in September of this year, we no longer do that for the distribution, and we get whatever we get. Basically, I was causing more of a headache consistently doing that, even though I was told to follow those instructions. Patients would notice we would not receive the products they needed and starting to go somewhere else for the edibles, wax, flower they needed. I had a lot of great connections, and relationships with patients who enjoyed going there just to see myself & friendly staff I had hired as manager. I loved this industry but some corporate companies do not look out for the employees, but rather how high our numbers are everyday. And if they were not to their standards, instead of working with you weekly, and have a plan to help the store. They would belittle you, undermine everything you had to say, cut you’re pay & make you want to leave. I will never want to work with this company again and I feel bad for those new employees thinking they have a chance to move up in the company. All managers and HR department will never change. It will always be controlled by Susan

Ultra Health Dispensary Westside

Our Address

5115 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120, USA

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