Marijuana Seeds – Everything You Need To Know

18May 2020


The marijuana industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years as more and more people are trooping into the business. Sometimes, running this business may seem challenging as the legality degrees of each state differ. That is the reason why we have published this article for you to answer some of the most important questions about buying and growing cannabis seeds.

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Q: How to find marijuana seeds


Generally, people still refer to marijuana as a product of cannabis just as the concentrates, flowers, and edible are. Each state has its legal view of the plant. If you happen to reside in a state where the adult use of marijuana has been made legal, then, you are permitted to buy, sell, and even produce cannabis seeds just within the state. You will not be allowed to cross the lines of the state. But, if the state you are living in legalizes the use of medical marijuana, you will only be able to buy marijuana seeds with your medical card.

There are many outstanding cannabis seed banks around the world where there are fewer restrictions on marijuana laws. In these kinds of places, you can freely visit the website of a seed company or just go straight to a nearby dispensary to purchase your seeds.

If you desire to purchase your cannabis seeds online, it is best you first know the kind of strain you need and the breeder you would like to get from. You can archive this by doing online research. Another way you can find marijuana seeds is by going to a dispensary and it is very much straight to the point.

Q: How much do marijuana seeds cost?


Whenever you make online research to know the actual cost of marijuana seeds, you will notice that the prices of each seed bank are different and so are the strains. But, the average cost of just one marijuana seed ranges from 4 to 9 US dollars (€3.5 – €8) each. The question to consider is, what brings about the differences in cost? Well, here are the factors that affect marijuana seeds price:

The four main factors that affect the general prices of marijuana are the cost of production, the genetics, the risks and legal restriction, and also the demand as well as the available stock.

Q: How to obtain marijuana seeds?


If you have been thinking about how you can obtain marijuana seeds, there are so many options for you to choose from. You may first want to contact some of your friends and ask them if they have some seeds that they have stored since the day they began to smoke. If they have, you can ask them if they would like to sell the seeds to you. But, bear it in mind that new seeds germinate faster than older ones.

There are different regulations for selling seeds in the states where marijuana for medical and adult-use have been legalized. In California, for example, cannabis seeds can be obtained at medical or retail dispensaries. In some states, legal sales have been regulated only to cannabis businesses that are licensed.

The internet is another way to get in touch with the best marijuana seeds distributors around the world.

Q: Where to get marijuana seeds legally?


In the United States alone, there are nine different states where you can get marijuana seeds legally and they are Vermont, Oregon, Maine, Nevada, Washington DC, Alaska, Massachusetts, California, Colorado, and Washington.

Q: Where to get marijuana seeds for growing?


  • Seedsman

One of the best seed banks to get marijuana seeds for growing is Seedsman. Founded in the year 2003, this seed bank has gained huge trust from their clients as they have a huge selection. You can buy autoflowering seeds, feminized seeds, and also regular seeds all at negotiable prices. With their secure website, you can get the appropriate cannabis seeds for growing.

  • Seed City

Seed City is a place where you can get both rare and new marijuana seeds from hundreds of top breeders from around the world.

  • The Vault

The Vault is ranked among the top cannabis seed banks in the world. This seed bank has close to 3,000 marijuana seed strains stocked up from more than a hundred breeders.

Q: Where can I buy marijuana seeds legally online?


  • Bonza Seed bank

It is always awesome when you have great options to choose from, and this is what makes Bonza Seed Bank unique. Their seeds are gotten from more than a hundred breeders. No matter the quantity you want to buy, there are a variety of options for you.

  • GYO

This is another good seed bank where you can buy marijuana seeds legally. Their seeds are being gotten from the best breeders around the globe. Whether you want to buy in retail packs or singles, GYO is here for you.


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Q: When to start marijuana seeds?


The best time for you to start germinating your marijuana seeds is when there is enough intensity of the sun. You should also make sure that it is stable. In summary, take note of the weather and ensure that it is good enough to germinate your marijuana seeds. Your plant is expected to receive sunlight for, at least, 12 hours.


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Q: What to do with marijuana seeds?


One of the main uses of weed seeds is for making new plants. But, depending on how many seeds you have, they can be used for several other purposes. The following are other uses of marijuana seeds.

  • For making tasty snacks: According to some researches, weed seeds are rich in protein, iron, fats, Vitamin A, potassium, dietary fiber, magnesium, and low carbohydrates. The seeds can be blended and used to make hemp milk.

  • You can also decide to shell marijuana seeds to make hemp hearts.

Q: What can you do with marijuana seeds?


You can use marijuana seeds to do the following:

  • To make animal food: As a lover of animal, you can give the seeds to your rodent or bird. The seeds are nutritious even for animals. You may add the marijuana seeds to their feed and give them something to enjoy.

  • You can even decide to save the seeds for future purposes. Maybe at some point, you can roast and eat them. The seeds are highly nutritional.


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Q: How long do marijuana seeds last?


How long marijuana seeds last depend on how they are being cared for. If they are handled correctly, that is, refrigerated, kept cool, in a dark place, and left dry, you can expect the seeds to last very long. The seeds can even stay for a decade before they go bad.

Q: How long are marijuana seeds good for?


As we have said earlier, if your marijuana seeds are properly stored and they never get wet, they can remain good for up to 10 years. So, it all depends on you.

Q: How long are marijuana seeds viable?


Well, your marijuana seeds are meant to be kept cool, dry, and in a dark place. You can either keep them in a refrigerator or a basement. When the seeds are exposed to moisture and heat, then there is every possibility for them to sprout. Therefore, marijuana seeds can be viable for many years if they are preserved properly.


Above is everything you need to know about marijuana seeds, including how to find them, where to get them legally, their uses, and how long they can be viable.

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