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17May 2020

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds


Growing cannabis is now legalized in California and it has become one of the best places on earth where cannabis seeds can be bought. Let us now answer some questions about where to buy marijuana seeds in the state. If you want to start this business, then this article will be most helpful to you.

Q: Where to buy marijuana seeds in California

Where To Buy Marijuana Seeds In California


  • Buds and roses

This cannabis store is located in Los Angeles, Studio City to be precise. In this dispensary at L.A, you are sure to get a variety of clones, marijuana seeds, and so many strains that are rich in CBD. You will have the chance to choose whichever type you need, either Cheese lights, Orange DC/AC, or others, and all these are priced within 45 dollars to 80 dollars. Just buy the seeds you want, start planting, and watch them grow.

  • 805 beach breaks

This dispensary can be found at Grover Beach, precisely in the County of San Luis Obispo. This city has nice soil as well as beautiful weather that is suitable to grow any kind of agricultural produce, including Marijuana. At this dispensary (805 Beach Breaks), you will be able to get wonderful marijuana seeds that can be grown easily from Cali Connection, which is a high-ranking breeder in California.

Q: Where can I buy marijuana seeds in California?

If you are living somewhere around California, below are some other nice stores where you can buy marijuana in the state:


  • Bloom Room

San Francisco is the home of this wonderful cannabis shop/store. This store has been known for having the best boutique flowers in California, and so also is their seeds. If you are looking for a Cult Classic Seed, they have a dozen varieties of them.

  • BPG (Berkeley Patient Group)

This is another nice dispensary to visit in California and it is situated at Berkeley. The store has different seeds from TGA Seeds, Cali Connection, and also Crockett Family farms. If you have planned to grow a plant that is rich in CBD, you should consider buying a CBD OG seed. One other sativa that you can happily watch growing in your backyard is Vortex from TGA. The prices of BPG’s seeds are within 80-110 dollars.

  • Harborside

Located in Oakland and San Jose, this department has been known for stocking up Marijuana clones and seeds. One interesting thing about Harborside is that they have a group of intelligent and high-quality staff that is open to help you with any questions regarding the cultivation of marijuana. In their store, they have Sherbet, Do-Si-Dos, Blackjack, and other varieties of clones. You can as well find seeds like GS Cookies, Lemon Kush, and Humboldt Headband from Humboldt Company of Seeds. Here, you can get 20-pack seeds for about 110 dollars.


If you are living in Colorado and you want to begin planting marijuana, you need to know the best places you can visit to buy cannabis seeds. There are many Marijuana seed banks in Colorado, but we will talk about just a few of the best stores/dispensaries.

Q: Where to buy marijuana seeds in Colorado


  • Colorado Seed Incorporation

If people are looking for where they can buy the right seeds to begin cultivating marijuana, Colorado Seed Corporation will give them their website. In their site, you will find a list of their whole stores/dispensaries that are in Colorado. 13 of the dispensaries on their site are located in the metropolitan area of Denver and there is where they sell Cannabis seeds.

The strains they offer include sativas, hybrids, Nina Limone, and indicas. Colorado seed incorporation is already working on producing CBD-rich seeds. The prices that they offer depend on the location of the dispensary where you want to buy from.

  • HHHD (Helping Hands Herbal Dispensary)

Among the whole dispensaries in Colorado, Helping Hand Herbal has more cannabis seeds in stock for sale. Boulder is the place where you can find this dispensary in the state. The series they sell include Rebel God Smoke, GogBurn, Nina Limone, and Gupta Kush. Each of these 4 series contains a variety of strains, and Gupta Kush has more strains.

When you visit their site, you see a detailed price list of every kind of seeds they sell, both the non-feminized and the feminized ones. Other things you will see include the percentage of THC, the mixture of the strains, a description, and also the growing time.

Q: Where can I buy marijuana seeds in Colorado?

Where Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds In Colorado


  • The Bud Depot

This is a dispensary in Lyons, which is referred to as the sister store of Helping Hand Herbal. Most times, Helping Hand usually tell their customers to visit The Bud Depot, which is their sister dispensary because there, they have different selections to offer.

As the marijuana industry continues to grow, people are now very much interested in cannabis seeds and the places where they can acquire them. A lot of people have started to learn about growing marijuana, and many have attempted it. If you fall among the category of people who are looking to start growing cannabis in Colorado, then you should consider visiting any of these dispensaries.

Colorado seed incorporation, which we have mentioned earlier, has claimed that it produces and sells the best marijuana seeds in Colorado. You should have it at the back of your mind the company never sells its cannabis seeds online. You should rather visit their dispensary for you to be served better.

Some of the dispensaries in Colorado that offer their strain seeds for public buy are Pure Marijuana, Helping Hand, and The Bud. With all these, you will no longer be confused as to where you can buy marijuana seeds and begin growing them in Colorado.

Q: Where to get marijuana seeds in Colorado

If you are living in or around Colorado and you are looking for where to get marijuana plants for you to start growing cannabis, here is a list of some of the best stores in the states where you can go:


  • Denver clone store

This is a marijuana dispensary that is located in Denver. This store offers a wide variety of seeds pack, both non-feminized and the feminized ones.

  • Maggie’s Farm

Here is another option for you if you are looking for cannabis seeds to buy in Colorado. Maggie’s farm can be found at Colorado Springs. They have been awarded 5 times as the best dispensary in Southern Colorado Springs Region. The store also has a variety of seeds pack.

  • Good weed

This cannabis dispensary deals mostly with medical marijuana.

  • The Farm

Unlike Good Weed, The farm’s dispensary deals with recreational marijuana. Boulder, Colorado is where you will find this store.


How To Get Marijuana Sees In The US

Q: How to get marijuana seeds in the US

If you are planning on starting a cannabis business, you have made a good decision as the marijuana industry is experiencing tremendous growth. You might have been thinking about how to get marijuana seeds in the US legally.


One of the first things you need to do is get your cannabis business licensed to legally operate in the state of your choice. You should as well know the law of the state you want to operate in. By knowing the law, you will be certain about how to go about your marijuana growing business and it will also help you to know if you can run the business. Then get the permits that the state has to offer you.

Next, join a group of local marijuana businesses and meet with an attorney of cannabis business to get assistance. Now, you can be free to legally get marijuana seeds in the US.


With this Q & A session, you can get your marijuana growing business up and running.

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